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Relief Society
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Daughters in My Kingdom, Guardians of the Hearth, "There's No Place Like Home"

Daughters In My Kingdom— Chapter 9
"Guardians of the Hearth"
"There's No Place Like Home"

This is our Chalkboard in Relief Society.

Guardians of the Hearth— Chapter 9— Daughters In My Kingdom

Place posters up one at a time:

1.  Guardians of the Hearth
Introduction to Lesson

2.  There's No Place Like Home.  
Intro to the Proclamation  & Pg. 162 Glimpses of Heaven

3.  Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Outline of the Proclamation and Pg. 148, also tie in the Iron Rod to the Proclamation

4.  I'll Get You My Pretty
Pg. 157 WWII,  Pg. 159 and Pg. 158 Quote

5.  If I Only Had a Brain
Pg. 153, Overcoming Self Doubt, and Teaching Each Other

6.  Aunt Em, There's No Place Like Home
Pg. 154
Also quote from Sister Holland's talk about Mothers.  Adam called Eve "Mother" long before she had any children of her own., etc.

7.  Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!
Pg. 156 Responsibilities, and Pg. 165 Final Quote.

8.  Final Picture of the 2nd Coming & Testimony
We happened to have one framed in our church library.  Can use the libraries big poster.

We had a basket with "The Family Proclamation" to hand out.
I borrowed some Red Sparkly Shoes from a friend.  So cute!

These are the printouts I used on the board.
Prints are 24" x 36".
Print at your local Blue Print place.  Approx. $1.80 a printout.
You can email them the file, and then pick it up.

Double Click on the image below, and then download.

We invited all of the sisters in from Primary and Young Women, so we wanted to hand out something
extra special.  We made muffins, and then put these bookmarks in to decorate the muffins.  We decided on no frosting- so the bookmarks could be saved easily.

We then decorated a rolling cart from the kitchen with a cute tablecloth, and arranged the muffins on 3 tier muffin stands with little chocolates also.  

Tip:  Bake muffins in non-stick pan, and place in the liner after they have been baked.

We used this image to decorate a few muffins also, and the muffin tier.

Dear Sisters!

Great news we have the Teachings for Our Times lessons until October!  (4th Sunday of the Month)

May    "And a Little Child Shall Lead Them" President  Packer

June   "Mountains to Climb" President Eyring

July    "Willing & Worthy to Serve" President Monson

Aug.    "The Merciful Obtain Mercy" President Uchtdorf

Sept.   "How to Obtain Revelation and Inspiration for Your Personal Life"
Elder Scott

Oct.    "What Thinks Christ of Me?" Elder Andersen

Warm Regards,

Sister Yates
Stake Relief Society