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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Helpful Tips & Links from Multi-Media Workshop

This was created by Jessica, Cosette, & Sydney during the first class last week in photoshop!

Click on flyer to enlarge:
Copyright Image usage & Graphic Design Tips for Flyers & Posters

Copyrighted Images:
Ask permission to use them, upload the images yourself, or buy the images.

Royalty Free Images Websites:
All images are free.  Pay for larger sizes.  Login required.  

Some free images, or pay as you go images from .95 on up.  Login required.

Some free images, or pay as you go images from .20 on up.  Login required.

Free Background images   No login required.
Great for Powerpoint presentations.

When using Free Images:
Acknowledge the artist, as well as the website you got the image as a courtesy.

Church Images:
Gospel Library, Images Library,
New Gospel Art Book, Download

Web Searching:
Google images (
Advanced Search,  Size:  Larger than 640x480.
Use caution when using this tool.  Do not allow children to use.  Also, many of these images are not royalty free.  Email to ask permission to use them, especially if printing many copies.  Depends on what it is, but I have many give permission.

*Tip, search with the words “Royalty Free” included in your search. Online Tutorials:

They kept picking the wrong foreground/primary color, but it's still a good one.

This one makes brushed metal effects on text, something good because at least they write words on screen to describe what to do:

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