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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Technology Fireside Links

Tonight's fireside was on how to start using the Personal Video Conferencing for certain meetings, so as we can be with our families more, and have more time to actually live and share the gospel.  Time spent traveling long distances to attend a meeting can be reduced.

List of all videos available:

These are two of the videos they shared during the fireside:

Training Video 1

Training Video 2

We were also given the following list of different technology ways to learn and live the gospel.  A few of these were new me, so I thought I'd share the list.  Enjoy!  - Candi

Facebook:  13 Official LDS Facebook Pages (or more)

YouTube:  16 Official LDS YouTube channels (or more)

Bible Videos:  Apple Application    (Love this one!)

LDS Mobile Gospel Library Project

LDS Scripture Mastery:  Apple Application    (Love this one too!)

Joseph Smith Papers

Missionaries, Senior, Church-Service, and Family Search Missionary

Family Search Indexing

Family Search Indexing:  Apple Application

Discover Your Family History

LDS Youth

LDS Tools    (Love this one!)

Personal Video Conferencing

Replacing the darkness with light

Online Store

LDS Employment Resource Service (LDS Jobs)

Provident Living


Mormon Channel (LDS Meetinghouses)


And of course the most popular ones:

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